December 11, 2017
Memory of a Quiet Festival

"I never liked flying," she said, she says, "you have to accept that death is a possibility once you buckle up." Grim, what is this place, anyways? Golds and reds dance all around as higher and higher we climb until the clouds lay beside us. "All the time, every time. I never got over it. Until... […]

April 7, 2017
The Beast Pageant

(Here's an old article I'm quite fond of about some old chums out doing what they're doing.) Originally published July 17, 2010. Words spoken in a dream tend to fade as a day progresses, to be lost in the clutter of the subconscious, waiting to emerge in a moment of eccentricity. Sometimes, though, those words […]

February 16, 2017
On Memory and Cinnamon

Cinnamon was a favorite of mine. I suppose it still is, but it is more of a bitter-sweet addition now. 10 years, has it been? I was paid to be a baker about a decade ago. Baking has been an interest of mine since I was allowed in the kitchen. And still is presently as […]

December 19, 2016
Time and chocolate

I sit here, twiddling, trying to think of the meals that have taken the longest to prepare. As if that is some measurement to use for the final experience. "What's that, grandma? 8 hours you say? Well the chicken is a little dry." ho hum. Manners have improved, skins thicker, voices sweeter. Grandma still don't […]