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The Morning After

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It's a cold dawn as the warm glow of the Sun begins to creep over the wet horizon. The boardwalk is silent except for the early birds and the evidence of a late night party. The red party cup lingers. The icon of rowdy parties and the carrier of alcohol, whether legal or not, remains to let us know - someone was here.

Was it a good party? Were they happy? Did one enjoy themselves as they held onto the red cup? There is always doubt in the back of the mind when alcohol is involved. And in the morning, what is left but a clouded perspective of the past?

In the morning, nothing but a hollow shell remains as a cold wind blows. The Morning After is a reflection of those rowdy days. A candid observation of the world as it exists, captured without interference.

This is a limited edition digital film for you to own and trade via Sedition. A certificate of authenticity and edition number is included.